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How to achieve


results in your business

your business idea

A successful business starts with an idea. You need to formulate the main advantages of your idea from competitors, namely: the essence of the business, its benefits for society, identify benefits for the audience, a global vision that is simple and understandable to society.

Business plan and strategy

A good idea is not enough for a successful business. It is necessary to develop a business plan and a marketing strategy for entering the market. Conduct market analysis: audience, competitors, price segment, demand. The next step is to formulate a clear proposition for the audience and a strategy for the next actions.

Creating a brand

To enter the market, you need to visualize your idea, which will be as close as possible to your idea. A name and logo that covers the scope of application. Corporate style - which will correspond to the positioning of the business and make it recognizable among representatives.

website and application development

Next, you need to develop a tool that will fulfill different tasks and business goals. Direct sale of your product/services, informing and attracting new audiences, presentation of your product or your brand. The type of site/app depends on your marketing strategy.

Advertising companies

Any business or marketing strategy achieves its goals in different ways, but most require extra effort to grow quickly. An effective way of conveying information to the audience is a successful advertising company with a clear goal.

About us


Satisfied clients


Projects without disruption of deadlines


Projects do not go beyond the budget

A team of professionals working in a full cycle: from creating logos to promoting the site to the top. Competent approach to project implementation and individual to each customer. We analyze, study and implement digital technologies in your business.

We are ambitious and proud of our reputation! Our team provides guarantees for the performance of works.

branding branding branding

websites websites websites

application application application




  • Development of corporate websites
  • Development of an online store
  • Landing Page development
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Development of catalog sites
  • Support
  • Site administration



  • Corporate style
  • Website Promotion (SEO)
  • Contextual advertising
  • SMM promotion
  • Email marketing



  • Website design
  • Development of logos
  • Development of banners

What will you get?

Creating a brand

A logo that will convey the positioning of your company, unique and understandable to the audience. Corporate style that speaks for your brand. The purpose of which is to form the right association with your business. Visual representation of your company on various platforms, using graphic elements and additional corporate attributes. Attractive design and competitive advantage of your products on the market. Formed set of tools for practical use.



Increase in sales

Increase in sales due to the implementation of digital technologies in your business. Creating a site or application from scratch gives a guaranteed increase in sales. But if your business already has these tools, with our team you can increase the conversion rate or reduce the cost of an engaged customer. It is possible to increase income in different ways: by increasing the volume of traffic, reducing the cost of current traffic, reducing the rejection rate or developing audience loyalty and increasing cross-selling.

Brand recognition

Business requires constant work with PR, regardless of how long you have been on the market. By cooperating with our team, you will get an increase in the audience's loyalty to your business so that the audience prefers you. Increasing brand recognition among a new audience, new market segments. Introducing and testing new products and strategies to increase profits.



Development of an online store

JDWool is a women's clothing brand project

  • Design
  • WordPress
  • Figma
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Creation of a corporate website

Cambodia - interior designers project

  • Figma
  • Design
  • WordPress
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Creating a Landing Page

fusion - interior designers project

  • Design
  • WordPress
  • Figma
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Development of a corporate website

Ustar is a construction company project

  • Design
  • Development
  • WordPress
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Prototype, we work out the structure of the blocks, the data interface of the site and the semantic load on each block of the site;



Design of pages and interface with elaboration of details for convenient use of the site/web application, development of design, technologies that will close the tasks of your business.



Site programming, implementation of the visual part of the site and development of high-quality site functionality, integration of technologies with the site for order forms, payment systems, analytics and site administration.



Site testing and final development of the site, finding all possible bugs and eliminating them, finalizing the project and transferring the project to your hosting and domain.

What we work with:




At the time of drawing up the technical task, we provide specification , In which we fix:

  • stages of work
  • implementation plan and schedule
  • the cost of each stage
  • additional possible costs for implementation

Due to which, profitable cooperation with each client is obtained without violations of implementation terms and budget.

What our clients say

with best wishes

The team coped with the creation of the site perfectly) The work was completed earlier than the agreed terms, but at the same time everything was done qualitatively and stylishly. Prices, attitude to customers, and technical support at any time only please! In the future, we will cooperate only with them.

ALEXANDER Progressive-optica
with best wishes

Extremely satisfied with this company! Terms, prices and quality can pleasantly surprise. We had to cooperate with most other companies, but only here did we see the result! I especially want to note Yevhen's work! He explained everything in an accessible way and helped to achieve the set tasks. We continue our cooperation ;)

with best wishes

There was a site, a freelancer made it, the guys proposed another solution and in this case decided to create a new site. new design, modern. Children provide support 24/7. I recommend! They also took on turnkey marketing) I work with them comprehensively!

STANISLAV Altmax company
with best wishes

He was satisfied with the work done. I recommend Before that, I used the services of other companies and the visible result was not only draining the budget, but this company approached the advertising solution comprehensively, which in turn brought a result in the form of income.

Elena Orthocon
with best wishes

We work with an seo optimization company, we are satisfied with our joint work: we optimized the content, brought the site to a more favorable position, we receive a report on the work done every month. Everything is clear, organized, we plan to continue working. Thanks!

with best wishes

Thanks for the work! The project is working. I recommend We continue cooperation.

Nicholas Moya Posuda
with best wishes

The team advised me, I decided to contact myself, the project was stuck in one place for a while, it just stopped and that was it, while there was monthly promotion, but apparently not effective at all ... I ordered an audit from the guys from mkey. The site in the literal sense of the word "soared", took the first position for the main request in the region, the positions continue to grow rapidly!

with best wishes

Well done, we are very happy to work with them. Fast and quality service. Can recommend and will return for future projects. Good cooperation. Sincerely yours!

with best wishes

We worked with the company to complete the development of the website of the online clothing store. They were extremely satisfied and immediately started working on another project. Responsible employees who clearly perform work within the stipulated time, personal control of the company owner and impeccable business etiquette - make cooperation with Mkey pleasant and convenient. The company is focused on the result, not the conditional completion of the project or task. We will continue to work and will contact you with new projects. We sincerely recommend.

Rostislav Incarro
with best wishes

Qualified specialists completed the development task on time, and also qualitatively adjusted the lead generation flow. They help with support to this day. Very grateful to the guys! I will contact you :)

Anastasia Zhukova
with best wishes

on the recommendation of friends. I am satisfied with the result of the work. My site was completed in 7 working days. Designer Valeria knows trends and tactfully made her recommendations, while listening to my wishes. Also, I want to point out that during the first conversation during the presentation of the provided services, I heard: "Our company is interested in making the project well, and not just providing a service", I felt this approach during the implementation of my website. Thank you mkey media!

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